New Technology and Other Factors in a Fulfilling Lifestyle

The younger generation can’t relate to a time when there was no such thing as caller ID and people had to just answer the phone. A major step forward was achieved with the advent of the home answering machine, which allowed residents to screen calls. This was inconvenient, though, as many callers didn’t leave messages. Today, caller ID has made the screening of phone calls much easier, but unknown numbers still appear regularly on cell phones. A serial entrepreneur and technology fan came up with an idea for an app that solves the unknown number problem. Interested people can learn more about Brian David Crane here, as this individual is now focused on making that app entirely effective and the best one available.

When using this innovative new feature, known as CallerSmart, the user types the unknown number into the app’s search bar. The search finds the name of the person or business, or at least the location. If the phone user knows who this is, he or she now might add the number to the list of approved callers. In contrast, if the number is for someone this person does not want to communicate with, the app allows blocking of the number altogether. Blocking numbers is particularly effective at being able to ignore annoying telemarketers and political calls. In areas considered swing states during a presidential election, the amount of political calls someone might receive every day can reach ridiculous numbers.

Making life healthier and more convenient for people are some of the primary motivations behind Brian David Crane’s work. The man is enthusiastic about desk treadmills, for instance, knowing that they help people stay in much better health and fitness as compared with sitting down most of the day. The CallerSmart app is just one factor in the advantages becoming more readily available for everyone through technology. But technology isn’t the only essential aspect. Close relationships and socializing are important; Crane likes to have lunch or dinner with friends as much as possible, for example. Fun physical activity, such as dancing or volleyball, helps keep the body fit and the mind sharp. It’s all about having a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.